Conrex Steel is committed to continuous improvement, improved capacity and innovation. As such we have partnered with NGen to help secure our position in the market by investing in cutting edge technology and improved intellectual property to offer a wider breadth of capabilities and expand our reach into markets such as Shipbuilding, Nuclear, and Military to name a few.

NGen is the not-for-profit organization that runs Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster with a mandate to grow manufacturing capabilities in Canada through the development and adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies and processes. NGen is committed to building world-leading advanced manufacturing capabilities within Canada.

Conrex Steel continues to grow with continuous improvement and innovationIf you follow our LinkedIn profile  you would know that we have been busy with one of our newest projects, and not only are we very excited to be aligned with NGEN on this endeavor but with our collaborative partners (Macrodyne Technologies and Source Industrial), we are also honored to have this project featured in their upcoming publication.

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About Conrex Steel Ltd.
Conrex Steel Ltd. is an ASME Code Head Fabricator for the Tank & Pressure Vessel industry. They are also known for fabricating Formed Elbows and have capabilities like Stress Relieving and Shot/Grit blasting. Learn more about Conrex Steel here.

With over 150 years of engineered driven expertise,
Conrex Steel is a recognized leader within the tank head industry.

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