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Work with the Conrex Steel Team! Now Hiring an Experienced Welder-Fitter

Bill with 52 years of Service at Conrex Steel and JP with 1 year of service. Join the Conrex Steel Team.

Are you looking for a rewarding position at an established company with a long history of quality and customer satisfaction? Conrex Steel is currently looking for an experienced Welder-Fitter at our Etobicoke plant location.

Conrex Steel is a North American based company providing world-wide service. With over 150 years of engineered driven expertise, Conrex Steel is a recognized leader within the tank head industry.

With over 100,000 sq./ft of production space and Conrex Steel’s unique head forming, fabrication and heat-treating capabilities, our team offers a diverse range of products and services.


Job Description – Welder-Fitter

Primary Function – To work with our team in a safe manner to fit, assemble and weld fabrications of a repetitive nature where the methods of assembly has already been established and which final product may be subjected to x-ray and/or pressure tests.

Tools and Equipment – Cranes, grinders, hand burning torches, various types of welding machines, arc air gouger, hand tools such as hammers, pneumatic scaler, clamping devices, shields, goggles, squares, etc. Measuring devices, blueprints, sketches, templates, etc. welding positioner. Necessary protective equipment.

Materials – Various types of weldable materials such as plate (such as carbon steel, stainless and clad), shapes, castings, forgings, pipes, electrodes, flux and wire, gases etc.

Source of Supervision – Foreman, directed by Lead Hand as required.

Direction Exercised – Helpers as required



  1. Receives blueprints, instructions and/or work card from foreman or Lead Hand.
  2. Locates and moves materials to and from workstation.
  3. Reads blueprints, sketches, templates etc.
  4. Checks materials for correctness.
  5. Performs mark off necessary on standardized assemblies, gas cuts with hand torch, straightens, grinds, and fits parts or pieces in accordance with instructions or specifics.
  6. Preheats, tack welds, clamp, braces etc.
  7. Checks job and corrects fit up where necessary.
  8. Burns sections to facilitate fitting and burns bevel.
  9. Uses jacks, turnbuckles, measuring equipment, hammer, sledge clamps and bolts.
  10. Welds areas that will be enclosed before completing fit up.
  11. Marks surfaces and identifies as required.
  12. After inspections, makes necessary repairs and adjustments.
  13. Recognizes and reports defects in material tools and equipment.

Candidates must successfully complete a weld test which can include Low Hydrogen Manual welding and arc air work in accordance with the requirements of the T.S.S.A and the ASME code.

If this job is for you, submit your resume to no later than November 20, 2019.

With over 150 years of engineered driven expertise,
Conrex Steel is a recognized leader within the tank head industry.

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