At Conrex Steel, we specialize in the fabrication of segmental tank heads (multi piece or segments), servicing a wide variety of industries such as Oil and Gas, Water Treatment, Cryogenics, Pulp and Paper and Plastics. With over 60,000 sq./ft of production space in our Toronto location, we have the capabilities to produce large diameter multi piece heads efficiently, without compromising on quality.

Your Segmental Tank Head Advantage at Conrex Steel

  • We fabricate, trial fit, tack weld, match, mark and knock-down our tank heads with robotically trimmed, tapered or beveled edges.
  • Whether from normalized or as-rolled plates, our segmental tank head types range from Semi Elliptical, Flanged and Dished, Tori-conical, Double Knuckle Cone, Toroidal, Hemispherical and Dished Only.
  • Our fabrication of Segmental, multi piece, tank heads go back 60 years, and our experience and precision allow us to produce the highest quality segmental heads ready for fit up, with no need for additional work.
  • Many of our customers comment about how much faster Conrex Segmental multi piece heads fit up and weld in their facilities, due to our tight tolerances. Ask for references.
  • Our in-house robotic trimming allows for faster production while maintaining a high level of accuracy. We have two technologically advanced robotic rooms to take care of precision trimming and beveling.
  • Conrex creates further time and cost efficiencies for our customers by optimizing the time in our robotic trimming room by cutting beveled holes as required in any of the segmental components.
  • Our current capabilities can produce segmental heads ranging in diameter from 20′ to 120′ (in house), and thicknesses of ¼ inch up to 5 ½ inch nominal gauge.
  • In some cases of thin or extremely thick Hemi’s or multi curvature structures a segmental is your only solution. Ask for examples of some of our more difficult projects.
  • Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, allows us to stay ahead of industry demands and provide the quality and precision that our clients have come to expect.

Our custom tailored, solutions-based approach to all of our clients’ projects is why Conrex Steel is a leader in the tank head Industry across North America, and abroad. Conrex Steel is also known for fabricating Formed Elbows and has new capabilities in Double Curvature and Sphere Forming, Stress Relieving and Shot/Grit blasting, and Joggled Heads. To learn more about our fabrication of segmental tank heads, all of our capabilities, the additional services, and processes that we offer, see the table below or you can contact us directly at 1-800-387-5820.

Tank Head Fabrication Capabilities


Segmental Heads
Large Diameter Heads


Cold Formed
Hot Formed
Trial Fitted

Match Mark

Head Type

Flanged & Dished
ASME 2:1 Semi Elliptical
Dished Only

Double Knuckle
Dished & Flue

Edge Prepped



20 to 120 ft


1/4in to 5 1/2 in


Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Pressure Vessel Grade SA516-70

Chrome-Moly SA387
Duplex stainless
High Yield (HY80/HY100)


Normalized and Tempered

Quenched and Tempered

Stress Relieving and Blasting

Post Weld Heat Treatment

Testing & Inspection

Ultrasonic Thickness
Ultrasonic Soundness
Magnetic Particle
Liquid Penetrant

Charpy V-Notch Tests
Brinell Hardness
Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Partial Data Report


Additional Services

Blasting (35′ x 25′ x 16′)
Priming Weldments

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Chemical Plants
Paper Mills
Pressure Vessel and Tank Fabricators

Rail cars
Research and Development Projects
Vacuum tanks
Water Treatment

Intended Application

Pressure Vessels

Industry Standards

ASME Section VIII, Division 1 (U stamp)
ASME Section VIII, Division 2 (U2 stamp)

TSSA #QA 131

File Formats


Products and Services

  • JoggledHead_770x575

    Products and Services

    Joggled Tank Heads

    Conrex Steel has strategically chosen the most popular head sizes in the market today. Ranging in diameter from 37” up to 70”, with thicknesses up to 3/8 inch, and available in Carbon and Stainless materials.

  • Small diameter Stainless Steel conventional tank heads

    Products and Services

    Conventional Heads

    At Conrex Steel, we specialize in the fabrication of conventional tank heads, from alloy, and low alloy steels, stainless clad, and SA516 grade 70 carbon steel.

  • Sphere fabrication final product

    Products and Services

    LPG Storage Spheres

    In conjunction with our key partners, we have the ability to produce storage spheres with little restriction on size.

  • Large 2 piece constructed formed elbow formed by Conrex Steel

    Products and Services

    Formed Elbows and Special Pressing

    At Conrex Steel, we utilize innovative processes and customized equipment to form uncommon shapes.

  • Stress Relieving of large ladle

    Products and Services

    Stress Relieving and Grit Blasting

    Conrex Steel is a leading provider of stress relieving and grit blasting services, serving customers in various industries.

With over 150 years of engineered driven expertise,
Conrex Steel is a recognized leader within the tank head industry.

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