Discover the Spheres Advantage at Conrex Steel

In the continuous pursuit of expanding our capabilities, we have taken our knowledge and expertise in segmental multi piece forming and applied it to the manufacturing of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) or more specifically “pressure spheres”. Spheres are widely used for the liquid storage of gaseous materials; they offer excellent internal stress distribution making them a very efficient option for pressurized storage.

  • We’ve supplied materials and fabrication for over 60 spheres of various sizes, material grades (including stainless steels), and thicknesses.
  • Conrex can form either an Orange Peel design or Soccer Ball design. 
  • We can form the outer shell or inner shell/liner for any sphere in a multitude of metals (Clad, stainless, carbon, etc.)
  • Our capabilities include two large capacity presses and new automated gantries. This  provides continuous material flow. We can also hot form steel plates, utilizing two large heat-treating furnaces and two nine axis plate trim and bevel burning machines.
  • In conjunction with our key partners, we have the ability to produce storage spheres with little restriction on size.
  • The reduction of pieces and footage of weld, provides you with the most cost-effective solutions, while ensuring high quality and just-in-time delivery.
  • We also provide surface preparation, such as shot blasting.
  • We provide specialized pressing and fabrication capacity to pre-fabricate and ship sphere sections (as required in the field); with direct access to all states, provinces and countries using either trucking, ships (containers) or rail.
  • From liquefied natural gas (LNG), propane, butane, petroleum and other large volume storage needs, we have the unique solutions to cater to a wide variety of industries across the globe.


Double curvature and sphere forming are just some of the products and services we provide. And remember, we’re also your go-to for forming services like Conventional Tank Heads, Segmental Tank Heads, Formed Elbows, Joggled Heads, as well as Stress Relieving and Grit Blasting Services.

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Other Products and Services

  • Small diameter Stainless Steel conventional tank heads

    Products and Services

    Conventional Heads

    At Conrex Steel, we specialize in the fabrication of conventional tank heads, from alloy, and low alloy steels, stainless clad, and SA516 grade 70 carbon steel.

  • JoggledHead_770x575

    Products and Services

    Joggled Tank Heads

    Conrex Steel has strategically chosen the most popular head sizes in the market today. Ranging in diameter from 37” up to 70”, with thicknesses up to 3/8 inch, and available in Carbon and Stainless materials.

  • Hemispherical segmental head trial fitting being carried out at Conrex Steel facility

    Products and Services

    Segmental Heads

    At Conrex Steel, we manufacture segmental tank heads, servicing a wide variety of industries.

  • Large 2 piece constructed formed elbow formed by Conrex Steel

    Products and Services

    Formed Elbows and Special Pressing

    At Conrex Steel, we utilize innovative processes and customized equipment to form uncommon shapes.

  • Stress Relieving of large ladle

    Products and Services

    Stress Relieving and Grit Blasting

    Conrex Steel is a leading provider of stress relieving and grit blasting services, serving customers in various industries.

With over 150 years of engineered driven expertise,
Conrex Steel is a recognized leader within the tank head industry.

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